More Support for Education

It is time for education to be our Capitol’s top priority. Education has been pushed further and further on the back burner at the expense of our children. The incredible work accomplished by the teacher walkout made such a difference and forced the conversation toward education priorities. But the decisions made are not enough to make sure our public schools are adequately funded. Claudia will fight to provide competitive wages for educators and provide more funding for public education, higher education, and career tech.

When our graduates are struggling under student loan debt, it is a drives down our economy. Claudia wants to work towards having options for 2 years of free tuition for higher education and career tech schools in Oklahoma. This will lessen the burden student loan debt has on our students and our economy.


Access to Affordable Healthcare

As a former nurse, Claudia believes healthcare is a right and prioritizes affordable and comprehensive healthcare for all Oklahomans. Throughout her career, too often, she saw families that could not afford quality health insurance and the gap is expanding for citizens between the ages 45 and 64 (before Medicare qualification), and chronic disease symptoms begin. Affordable options are limited. Claudia will fight to provide health insurance to more Oklahomans and for Oklahoma to accept the Medicaid expansion.


Implement Medical Marijuana

Claudia was a supporter of SQ788 and will work to ensure the development and efficiency of medical marijuana in Oklahoma.


Better Funding for Local Government

All politics and governance starts at the local level. Without strong and independent cities, counties, and towns, our state cannot get back on track with our budget. Claudia will work to explore new revenue options for state and local governments and allow for more local control.


Protect Our Most Vulnerable Citizens

Our state agencies have been on the chopping block to balance the budget. These state agencies provide the most important services to our elderly, veterans, children, and other vulnerable Oklahomans. We should be holding our state’s obligations accountable instead of reducing vital services for Oklahomans.


Sexual Assault

During her nursing career, Claudia worked at family planning and sexual assault clinics in the Cleveland County State Department of Health. Through this background working with sexual assault victims, Claudia understands the importance of supporting them through their emotional responses and protecting their rights. In her first session as a representative for House District 45, Claudia authored a bill that would allow schools to have sexual assault prevention and response programs.


Women and Children’s Health

Claudia is pro-choice. Women’s health decisions can be difficult, but women have the right to make those decisions for themselves. Claudia will fight to protect women’s autonomy and their agency over their own bodies.

Throughout her time as a state representative for House District 45, Claudia’s voting record has earned her an A+ record with the Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy. She believes that every child should have access to reliable and quality healthcare.